The Indian tiger and the Chinese dragon: the next frontier

The India-China border dispute

While BECA and the Quad 2+2 Malabar war games bring India the comfort that it has allies in its struggle against the Chinese dragon, the Indian tiger must start engaging China at its underbelly, its global economic dominance campaign.

Much has been spoken of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new international diplomatic offensive to keep China in check. During his first term (2014-2019) he had the dynamic Sushma Swaraj as his Minister of Foreign Affairs who revolutionised India’s image abroad.

New leadership at the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Swaraj’s abrupt passing away left a void in both the BJP as well as a potential successor to Modi nationally. Her replacement is low key, however has not let up pressure on India’s enemies abroad. S. Jaishankar, the current minister of foreign affairs, has done an excellent job as has the new foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla. The dynamic duo are experienced old hands of Indian diplomacy and come from the cadre, which also implies that Modi has wanted to maintain control of the political narrative in his second term.

While internally, the agenda of the BJP has thrown no surprises, Modi’s foreign policy has been rather hesitant. India will, in 2030, be the most populous country in the world with over 1/3rd of its population between 15-34 years. It is already the largest democracy in the world. On the global stage however, India continues to play defence. It continues to react to China and Pakistan while seeks alliances to consolidate its position and security.

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Tuchia, Pakistan, cina: il nuovo grande gioco

articolo pubblicato sull'occidentale 1 Sett 2020

Mio articolo: Le pericolose ambizioni Turchia-Pakistano-Cinesi pubblicato il 1 Sett. 2020, l’Occidentale (clicca per leggere il originale)

Quando due anni fa Imran Khan divenne primo ministro del Pakistan suscitò subito molte aspettative. L’auspicio era che l’ex capitano della nazionale di cricket, in virtù delle sue storiche amicizie con i giocatori indiani, inaugurasse una stagione di pace e di dialogo col vicino, dando al suo governo un’impronta moderata e tollerante.

Aggiornamento dei 3 Settembre: Intervista di Premier Imran Khan a Al Jazeera. Pakistan’s PM: Our economic future is now linked to China. Prime Minister Imran Khan reviews his first two years in office.

Aggiornamento del 5 Settembre, articolo di Francesco De Palo: Gli 007 turchi avvisano Erdogan e svelano le manovre in Medio Oriente

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