Iran, Israel, India and so it goes.

The Iranian nuclear project, is one of those useless enterprises which amounts to nothing but keeps everyone busy. Iran is run by a group of almost senile revolutionaries and until it is-this wasteful project will continue along with the jingoistic calls to destroy Israel. It doesn’t matter that these days the Iranian navy is doing exercises with Israel’s two staunch allies, India and the UAE.

The younger generation of Iranian leaders, like Raisi, have to deal with the failure of a theocratic state. Repression in the age of the internet, isn’t cut out for sustainable success. What will be the compromise this time? Restitution of Syria to its place in the global order and peace with Assad?

Israel needs security despite this pointless nuclear journey and the west asian quad is that political blanket. The pointlessness of the obama deal is now more obvious. Before the revolution of the thirsty destroys the theocracy, we hope-that Iran will decide to bring itself back to the global order and give up the nuclear program to feed its masses.

My article in JPOST on the 15th of December 2021

Tuchia, Pakistan, cina: il nuovo grande gioco

articolo pubblicato sull'occidentale 1 Sett 2020

Mio articolo: Le pericolose ambizioni Turchia-Pakistano-Cinesi pubblicato il 1 Sett. 2020, l’Occidentale (clicca per leggere il originale)

Quando due anni fa Imran Khan divenne primo ministro del Pakistan suscitò subito molte aspettative. L’auspicio era che l’ex capitano della nazionale di cricket, in virtù delle sue storiche amicizie con i giocatori indiani, inaugurasse una stagione di pace e di dialogo col vicino, dando al suo governo un’impronta moderata e tollerante.

Aggiornamento dei 3 Settembre: Intervista di Premier Imran Khan a Al Jazeera. Pakistan’s PM: Our economic future is now linked to China. Prime Minister Imran Khan reviews his first two years in office.

Aggiornamento del 5 Settembre, articolo di Francesco De Palo: Gli 007 turchi avvisano Erdogan e svelano le manovre in Medio Oriente

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