Mozart in Jerusalem 🎶

Jerusalem, Jerusalem

His double chin quivers
While his eyes count
Beads; an accountant counting cash
A lech undressing a voluptuous young woman
With his eyes.

His eyes, in a almost trance
His eyebrows arch
In an almost orgasm
While he suddenly awakens
To almost acknowledge his spectators.

With no hint of shame
He continues,
Not bound by bonds-
Of this world or any other

His pursuit
Holy and profane, divine and mundane
He alone, continues to make love
While all remain spellbound,
With the horror and awe
Waiting for him to slip up
While the chorus continues.

When he reaches his crescendo
there is rapt silence
With no one who knows ; How to react
While he raises his head to the heavens
Expecting an applause

With the audience starting a standing ovation
The pianist rises from his piano to take a bow.

mozart #piano #poetry #English