Mozart in Jerusalem 🎶

Jerusalem, Jerusalem

His double chin quivers
While his eyes count
Beads; an accountant counting cash
A lech undressing a voluptuous young woman
With his eyes.

His eyes, in a almost trance
His eyebrows arch
In an almost orgasm
While he suddenly awakens
To almost acknowledge his spectators.

With no hint of shame
He continues,
Not bound by bonds-
Of this world or any other

His pursuit
Holy and profane, divine and mundane
He alone, continues to make love
While all remain spellbound,
With the horror and awe
Waiting for him to slip up
While the chorus continues.

When he reaches his crescendo
there is rapt silence
With no one who knows ; How to react
While he raises his head to the heavens
Expecting an applause

With the audience starting a standing ovation
The pianist rises from his piano to take a bow.

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Release Barghouti now: Defeat Hamas and Abbas at the polls

From 2006-2021, Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) has clung to power while the lives of the Palestinian people have gone from bad to worse. The Arab world has now started moving on without Palestine. As time passes this becomes a problem of the Palestinians and the Israelis.
Marwan Barghouti

The Mahmoud Abbas faction is now on the back foot, inventing excuses to potentially delay or cancel the first elections of the Palestinian authority in 15 years. Fatah suffered severe blows recently, with its attempts to disqualify candidates on the electoral lists of rivals Hamas, Marwan Barghouti and Nasser Kidwa as well as Mohamed Dahlan. Now the Palestinian Authority, knowing fairly well that Israel will object to their activity in East Jerusalem, has started the slogan of no elections unless East Jerusalem is allowed to vote. Palestinian civil society, alarmed at this new development, has warned of the importance of finally holding the elections as scheduled.

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The world Biden inherits on 21-01-2021

The day after tomorrow

The US Presidential elections are almost over and we have a new President-elect. The democratically elected head of state promises to be the President for all 331 million Americans, but the rest of the world, 6.6 billion people will be affected by his decisions. Joseph R. Biden Jr. at 78 is the oldest elected US President, will be the only Roman catholic to occupy the office after John F Kennedy, the youngest to hold that office. His Vice President elect, Kamala Harris, is the first woman Vice President and has a good chance of inheriting the Presidency.

Image: The world Biden inherits on 21-01-2021

Another US presidential election is almost over, we still expect drama and the suspense of a Trump exit and there are strong apprehensions that there will be Trump fireworks in the next 11 weeks before the inauguration of President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris.  The 2020 election was the most expensive in history and with a $14 billion USD price tag, over 140 million US voters elected the oldest person in US history who will take the oath on the 20th Jan 2021 with the first female Vice President. The world seems to the relieved that the Trump era is over and we seem to be just waiting for peace, harmony tolerance and love to take over world-wide from the 21st of January 2021.

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Tuchia, Pakistan, cina: il nuovo grande gioco

articolo pubblicato sull'occidentale 1 Sett 2020

Mio articolo: Le pericolose ambizioni Turchia-Pakistano-Cinesi pubblicato il 1 Sett. 2020, l’Occidentale (clicca per leggere il originale)

Quando due anni fa Imran Khan divenne primo ministro del Pakistan suscitò subito molte aspettative. L’auspicio era che l’ex capitano della nazionale di cricket, in virtù delle sue storiche amicizie con i giocatori indiani, inaugurasse una stagione di pace e di dialogo col vicino, dando al suo governo un’impronta moderata e tollerante.

Aggiornamento dei 3 Settembre: Intervista di Premier Imran Khan a Al Jazeera. Pakistan’s PM: Our economic future is now linked to China. Prime Minister Imran Khan reviews his first two years in office.

Aggiornamento del 5 Settembre, articolo di Francesco De Palo: Gli 007 turchi avvisano Erdogan e svelano le manovre in Medio Oriente

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La nuova alba tra i popoli: Pace EAU-Israele

La notizia del 13 agosto sul riconoscimento reciproco tra Israele ed Emirati Arabi Uniti è stato il primo raggio di sole dai negoziati di Oslo del 1995 nella storia lunga, turbolente e violenta dei rapporti tra Israele e gli stati arabi. Come è accaduto negli ultimi anni di politica via twitter, il presidente Trump ha cambiato la storia con un click.

Chi viveva e lavorava a Dubai, e aveva rapporti in Israele, si è sempre visto tollerare da entrambi i paesi, mentre altri paesi arabi erano molto più severi con chi visitava Israele. Mi sono trovato più di una volta con un visto d’ingresso negli Emirati Arabi accanto al visto israeliano sul mio passaporto, forse una dimostrazione dell’addetto di polizia di frontiera di Dubai della tolleranza degli Emirati nei confronti d’Israele. Al contrario, Libano, Arabia Saudita e Sudan non rilasciano visti sui passaporti che rechino un visto dello stato d’Israele.

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