Iran, Israel, India and so it goes.

The Iranian nuclear project, is one of those useless enterprises which amounts to nothing but keeps everyone busy. Iran is run by a group of almost senile revolutionaries and until it is-this wasteful project will continue along with the jingoistic calls to destroy Israel. It doesn’t matter that these days the Iranian navy is doing exercises with Israel’s two staunch allies, India and the UAE.

The younger generation of Iranian leaders, like Raisi, have to deal with the failure of a theocratic state. Repression in the age of the internet, isn’t cut out for sustainable success. What will be the compromise this time? Restitution of Syria to its place in the global order and peace with Assad?

Israel needs security despite this pointless nuclear journey and the west asian quad is that political blanket. The pointlessness of the obama deal is now more obvious. Before the revolution of the thirsty destroys the theocracy, we hope-that Iran will decide to bring itself back to the global order and give up the nuclear program to feed its masses.

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My article in JPOST on the 15th of December 2021

Mozart in Jerusalem 🎶

Jerusalem, Jerusalem

His double chin quivers
While his eyes count
Beads; an accountant counting cash
A lech undressing a voluptuous young woman
With his eyes.

His eyes, in a almost trance
His eyebrows arch
In an almost orgasm
While he suddenly awakens
To almost acknowledge his spectators.

With no hint of shame
He continues,
Not bound by bonds-
Of this world or any other

His pursuit
Holy and profane, divine and mundane
He alone, continues to make love
While all remain spellbound,
With the horror and awe
Waiting for him to slip up
While the chorus continues.

When he reaches his crescendo
there is rapt silence
With no one who knows ; How to react
While he raises his head to the heavens
Expecting an applause

With the audience starting a standing ovation
The pianist rises from his piano to take a bow.

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Xi and 5G: The story of the evolution of the Chinese dragon.

The story of the evolution of the Chinese dragon and its singular President Xi Jinping and how small pieces of 5G, Make in China, East Turkistan and Tibet fit together in a beautiful brocade woven by the master. On

Xi e 5G
Xi and 5G

Release Barghouti now: Defeat Hamas and Abbas at the polls

From 2006-2021, Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) has clung to power while the lives of the Palestinian people have gone from bad to worse. The Arab world has now started moving on without Palestine. As time passes this becomes a problem of the Palestinians and the Israelis.
Marwan Barghouti

The Mahmoud Abbas faction is now on the back foot, inventing excuses to potentially delay or cancel the first elections of the Palestinian authority in 15 years. Fatah suffered severe blows recently, with its attempts to disqualify candidates on the electoral lists of rivals Hamas, Marwan Barghouti and Nasser Kidwa as well as Mohamed Dahlan. Now the Palestinian Authority, knowing fairly well that Israel will object to their activity in East Jerusalem, has started the slogan of no elections unless East Jerusalem is allowed to vote. Palestinian civil society, alarmed at this new development, has warned of the importance of finally holding the elections as scheduled.

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Porto Interporto Feb 2021: Oceano Indiano, il nuovo Mare Nostrum allargato

co-written with the legendary Prof. Arduino Paniccia, this article focuses on the importance of India’s role in the Indian Ocean, The Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) and the importance of Italy allying with India for a new enlarged Indo-Mediterranean to keep Turkish designs under check.

portointerporto feb 2021
Oceano Indiano, il nuovo Mare Nostrum allargato

Il lato nascosto di terrorismo

A tribute to Daniel Pearl, whose 19th death anniversary on 1st of Feb 2021 was marred by the liberation of his killers by the Pakistani courts.

lato nascosto

In requiem: Daniel Pearl

Gli avvenimenti del 1° Febbraio 2021 sono passati totalmente inosservati in un mondo ancora messo in ginocchio dal COVID-19. Questa data rappresentava il 19°ismo anniversario dell’assassinio di Daniel Pearl, giovane giornalista americano, brutalmente decapitato dai suoi rapitori a Karachi, in Pakistan, in nome della jihad islamica. Quasi quarantenne, Pearl era il capo della South Asia Bureau del Wall Street Journal e si trovava in Pakistan per seguire la guerra contro il terrore di George W. Bush, diventata oggi la più lunga guerra degli Americani in un paese che ha il soprannome di “la tomba degli imperi”, l’Afghanistan.

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Social Media, new censors of democracy

Social media

Writing my first article on #Linkedin on this topic is probably not the wisest start to a prolific blogging career, but since the start of this year the outsourcing of free-speech censorship has niggled at me. Im of that generation which actually knows the world without the internet. I was in my teens when we still had archie and gopher and IRC was actually where people “hung out”. The WWW was just taking off and Sabeer Bhatia hadn’t even started hotmail (it was to be a few years that he betrayed us netizens by selling out to Microsoft). The internet was supposed to be free, self regulated and everything that the real world was not. It had rules and decency and was policed by idealistic geeks who had a code. Cut to 2020 the internet is a spammy, creepy place, where slick teenage billionaires in business suits now apparently tells us what to think, how to vote and we have effectively stopped using our brains.

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Insideover: Cosa sta succedendo in Myanmar

myanmar 8 Febbraio 2021 Analisi golpe myanmar

Dopo 49 anni di regime militare, l’esperienza democratica in Myanmar, meglio conosciuta come Birmania, ha subito una forte scossa il 1 febbraio con un golpe di Stato delle forze armate, il temuto “Tatmadaw“. Il capo delle forze armate, il generale Min Aung Hlaing, ha assunto pieni poteri arrestando tutti i leader politici più importanti, incluso il consigliere di Stato Aung San Suu Kyi ed il suo alleato, l’attuale presidente Win Myint, insieme ad altri leader democratici. I birmani, che si stanno ancora curando le ferite procurate da mezzo secolo di dittatura militare, non si sono lasciati intimidire ed hanno protestato nella loro capitale, Nay pyi taw e ex-capitale Yangon.

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